The Social Booth

The Social Booth is our latest digital photo booth. This is a sleek, attractive, portable interactive booth. The compact size of this photo booth allows for delivery to venues that require a small footprint or have a complicated delivery access. Guests’ photos are automatically uploaded to an Image Sharing Service that can be accessed by using the direct link address. From here guests will be able to share their photos directly through Text, Facebook, Twitter and even e-mail photos directly. The choice to have guests access their photos via their Smartphone is based on privacy and efficiency. Nobody wants to type in his or her password on a big screen while everyone is watching; also no one wants to wait in line while someone does this. The booth can be branded or customized to further promote your event, and is a cost effective marketing tool for agencies and businesses that want to take advantage of Social Marketing Strategies.

The photo booth features:

  • Touch-screen with built in digital keyboard
  • Compact, sleek, versatile and attractive design
  • Single or photo strip photo format output option
  • Custom branded graphics and background
  • Simple user interface ensuring in high turnaround of the guests
  • High turnaround and simple user interface
  • Consumer images and user email capture
  • Images instantly delivered to image sharing service and social networking sites

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